Back to School Supplies Haul


Excuse the lighting in these photos, the weather was not cooperating today, or any of the other days I tried…

It’s that dreaded time of year again, your tan is fading, the crazy dip dye has probably grown out and all the shops are plastered with ‘Back to School’ advertisements. Summer is coming to an end and the inevitability of school is looming.

Whenever this time of year approaches, I try to look on the positive side of things. Going back to school is the chance for a fresh start, new subjects, teachers and classmates; and of course- stationery shopping!

It should be considered that I buy way more stationery than the average person some of which isn’t entirely necessary but that never stopped me.  😉



First things first, I got a 24 pack of sharpies to use when it comes to exam season. I love using bright pens to make my notes more exciting and help them stand out.


Next is my planner for the year. Our school supply these for us free however I like to buy my own one with bigger space per day as I usually have a lot to write. This one was under £10 from WHSmith. I got the pastel coloured pens from Pilot and will use them in the planner. (Planner) (Similar to the pens I have however I couldn’t find the exact ones sorry)


Pukka Pads are my favourtie because they’re cheap, good quality and pretty. I got a huge blue polka dot refil pad and two of the jottas. (Again I couldn’t find the original ones I got but bought mine in store from TESCOs)


Next I got some art supplies in Hobbycraft. Daler Rowney are my favourite brand of sketchbook becuase of the quality and versatility of the paper. I also got one of the putty erasers which are a lifesaver for removing stubborn pencil marks. (sketchbook) (putty eraser)


IKEA isn’t a place I would typically go for stationery, however I was in there looking for an office chair when this caught my eye, it came in a pack of three but I gave the other two away. I really like the contemporary design and small size making it perfect for jotting down blog post ideas. (Similar style, I’m not having much luck with my links today, am I?)

Lastly, my pencil case and it’s contents. I went for this clear pencil case from WHSmith as I thought it would be useful to be able to see what’s inside it. I always have a fully stocked pencil case with all the supplies I need so I don’t have to borrow off anyone. This usually results in me being the classes stationery supply.  :/ (pencil case) (black pens) (pencils) (highlighters)

Scissors from TESCOs-no link avaliable

Ruler WHSmith (glue) (tippex) (eraser) (coloured pens)

That was a lot of stationery, congratulations if you’ve made it this far! If you are one of the lucky people going back to school then I hope this has shown you that it’s not all bad..

Emily XO




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