Summer Lip Products | My Top 5


So Summer is in full swing now giving me the excuse to experiment with new lip colours. During Summer I am all about the lips because I don’t usually wear as much base makeup in the heat so by adding a bright coral or punchy purple it draws the attention away from my face. Some of these are my forever favourites and others I’ve just recently purchased, and am already in love with. There’s a mix of high-end and drugstore as well, so something for everyone!


First up is MACs Flamingo. This lipstick is perfect for an everyday lip. Its lustre finish provides a subtle hint of colour and it very versatile with different eye looks.


Next we have a lipstick I discovered almost 2 years ago, it was probably due to be thrown out a while ago…  This is Topshop’s Macaroon. I quickly came to love Topshop lipsticks because the formula is almost identical to MAC at around half the price! I feel like this shade is the stronger version of Flamingo and it looks amazing with a tan- the fake kind if you’re as naturally pale as me, or you live in Scotland and rarely see the sun- also me. 😦


Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish in 56 Boho Nude- this shade is what I have been wearing for basically the whole of Summer, it’s maybe not your typical shade for the season however this year the bronzy, golden-brown look has been coveted by almost everyone and I find this lipstick complements a bronzed face perfectly. It also makes blue eyes pop!


Again, coming at you with another of Kate’s lippys (lasting finish no.35), can you tell I love ’em? This is one of my faves. In my opinion the most fun colour, it’s a little out of my comfort zone, however it just makes me so happy, is that weird? This colour can be quite hard to wear because I often find it conflicts with my eyeshadow, however I have found that pairing this with a cool grey smokey eye usually works!


Lastly the most daring of them all. NYX soft matte lip creme in 22 Morocco. I’m in love with this formula, the colour and the bargain price of £5.50! This is the nicest smelling lip product I’ve ever owned as well. It’s so sickly sweet, perfect if you like that kind of scent- which I do. I picked this up yesterday upon one of my many visits to the NYX counter- a new arrival to Boot’s in the UK! I originally picked a mauvy-pink shade of this formula, but forced myself to swap it up for something new and exciting. I have a thousand beigy, mauvey pinks. Also 22 is my lucky number so that kind of sold me… Out of all my top 5, this is the one I would recommend the most. Just go and see the NYX counter, they have endless shades and formulas for everyone and I just can’t believe the price for the quality that you get, this is the cheapest lip product in this whole post as well!

So that concludes this post, hopefully you will check out some of my favourites- they deserve to be discovered as they are all truly amazing! Until next time,

Emily XO


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