An Introduction

I should start by saying that I’m not very good at intros. To make this a better experience for myself and you readers, I decided to do a Q&A type thing to break the ice.

  1. Why did you decide to start a blog? I’ve always had a passion for beauty, fashion, travel and photography that I want to share with the world. I tried out YouTube but found that it just wasn’t for me. I’d always considered a blog but being the IT fail that  I am (hence the v basic blog design) I knew it probably  wasn’t a good idea. However, after a few late nights and endless online blog-startup tutorials, here I am!
  2. What kind of posts can people expect to find here? I’d like to look at this blog as my own little corner of the internet where I will post about things that interest me in the hope to inspire you guys. Don’t expect any fancy words or perfect punctuation, I want to keep it at an informal and chatty tone, like I’m having a conversation with you- I’ll leave the A* essays for school.
  3. What do you do outside of the blog? Currently I’m still in school, approaching one of my toughest years yet, academic wise. That doesn’t mean that this blog will be taking a backseat, but rather that I will keep the posting to a few times a month. You should know that I’m beyond a  perfectionist and also a strong believer in quality>quantity so I vow to never post anything below standards, even if it means that posts are less frequent.
  4. Why ‘astylevoyage’? Being an indecisive person with overflowing creativity, choosing the blog name was both easy and hard-  I had tons of inspiration but didn’t know what to go with. It took several days and many notebook pages to think of a suitable name for this blog, in the end I went for ‘astylevoyage’ because I want this blog to journey and grow with me, I’m still just a teenager after all.
  5. What can people expect in the upcoming months? Currently I am on my Summer holidays, making it the perfect time to dedicate myself to this blog. As we slowly transition into Autumn you can expect lots of fashion and beauty posts. While I don’t have any upcoming holidays abroad, there will be the odd road trip and days out which I will be sure to document.

So that concludes the questions, hopefully I have provided you with an insight to my blog and I hope you continue on this ‘voyage’ with me 😉 ,

Emily XO


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