Autumn Guide- DIY & Hot Chocolate Recipe

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Autumn is looming, leaves are changing colour, the air is chillier and shops are adorned with pretty plaid scarves… who am I kidding, it was 21 degrees and bright sunshine the other day! However, if you are a fellow fall fanatic you will understand my excitement for the season. Today, I’m going to be sharing a simple DIY which you probably won’t need to buy anything new for, and a cosy hot chocolate recipe to substitute for the classic PSL- I don’t know about you but I’ve already consumed one too many this September!

So, this DIY involves pine-cones, string/yarn/thread, paint and a hot glue gun or superglue. The end result is very versatile, you can hang it on a hook, intertwine it with LED fairy lights, or do as I did and string it round some pictures.


This DIY involves collecting pine-cones, I got mine whilst on a lovely woodland walk. Make sure to thoroughly clean them before the DIY process to prevent any dirt and/or bugs ruining the final result! All nastiness aside, you want to paint your pine-cones in any colour or fashion that you wish. I just went with this green and orange chalk paint I already had. The formula worked really well however feel free to use acrylic paint etc. I only painted the outside of the cones as I wanted to have that contrast.


Next you will need something to attach the pine-cones too, I went with some yarn in Autumnal colours.


You then want to space out the cones on the string where you plan to glue them, they can be as close together, or far apart as you wish. I think it would look really nice to have them all touching.


Next, using a hot glue gun, add a dot of glue to both the base of the pine-cone and the string and hold in place till the glue dries being careful not to touch the hot glue.dsc_0109

Next you can glue or tie a loop at the top of the sting, allowing you to hang it once the glue is fully dried and cooled.


Here is he finished product.


Now, what better to enjoy your pine-cone creation with than a fall hot chocolate? This one involves cinnamon and spices.

You’ll need:                                                                                                                                                      -3 tsp hot chocolate , I use Aero bubbles                                                                                                   -1 cup of milk                                                                                                                                                     -1/2 tsp each of cinnamon and nutmeg (add more to taste)                                                              -whipped cream and marshmallow (optional)


Place the milk in your favourite microwave-safe mug and heat for 1-2 minutes (800w) then add the chocolate powder, cinnamon and nutmeg and give it a good stir.


Now, I like to add my marshmallows underneath the cream so they melt in to the milky mixture, it’s heavenly!


Finally, add your whipped cream and sprinkle the hot chocolate powder, cinnamon and nutmeg on top then enjoy the deliciousness, you deserve it!

Thanks for reading, feel free to tweet me @astylevoyage if you decide to make any of these!

Emily XO


A Try on Clothing Haul: ASOS, Boutique of Molly & Topshop


I have been doing a lot of online shopping recently and I though I would take the opportunity and share with you the things I have bought.


The first item I bought is from Topshop, I only bought one thing however- a rarity for me! It’s this pale blue cropped top which I got in the sale for only £3, so I couldn’t resist-


I got mine in a size 10 and paired it with these light wash, high-waisted denim shorts from H&M-


Next up is this pale pink bardot top from Boutique of Molly. I had never heard of this clothing brand before but when they reached out to me on Twitter, I couldn’t resist buying a couple of their pieces.

They don’t have a huge selection but everything they do have is so stunning ranging from tops to playsuits. One thing which stood out about the brand is their excellent customer service, they even helped me chose which sizes to get.

I will definitely be shopping here in the future, everything is so on trend.


I paired my ‘Kia’ bardot top with these flare trousers from Miss Selfridge as they had accents of baby pink. I got mine in a size S/M and it fits perfectly-!product/prd1/4545955641/’kia’-bardot-top-in-nude


The second thing I picked up from Boutique of Molly was the gorgeous ‘Fia’ floral choker dress. DSC_0024.JPG

The quality of both the dress and the top is excellent, I love the feel of this material. I got this in a size 10 because I am rather tall so I need the extra length-!product/prd1/4541632831/’fia’-floral-choker-dress

It was such a nice surprise buying from a new brand and having everything fit so perfect and look exactly how it did on the website! The prices are so reasonable as well.

If you are interested in Boutique of Molly, you can find their website here:

Twitter: @boutiqueofmolly

Instagram: @boutiqueofmollyuk


Next up, ASOS. I picked up this striped sleeveless top for a steal at £6 in the sale!


I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this top, it felt weighted which I like. I picked mine up in a 10 and paired it with my pink Topshop Leigh jeans.


The next thing I got from ASOS was this halter bralette from Yas Apparel, I have wanted something like this for ages so finally bought one, I can tell I’m going to get so much wear out of it as the fit and material are great.


Lastly I got this dark wash denim skirt from ASOS. I think it will be perfect for the autumn winter season paired with Primark cosy tights, a ribbed turtle neck, Chelsea boots and a scarf or floppy hat.


That’s all the clothes I picked up, hopefully this has given you an insight to what’s in the shops at the moment. Until next time,

Emily XO

Back to School Supplies Haul


Excuse the lighting in these photos, the weather was not cooperating today, or any of the other days I tried…

It’s that dreaded time of year again, your tan is fading, the crazy dip dye has probably grown out and all the shops are plastered with ‘Back to School’ advertisements. Summer is coming to an end and the inevitability of school is looming.

Whenever this time of year approaches, I try to look on the positive side of things. Going back to school is the chance for a fresh start, new subjects, teachers and classmates; and of course- stationery shopping!

It should be considered that I buy way more stationery than the average person some of which isn’t entirely necessary but that never stopped me.  😉



First things first, I got a 24 pack of sharpies to use when it comes to exam season. I love using bright pens to make my notes more exciting and help them stand out.


Next is my planner for the year. Our school supply these for us free however I like to buy my own one with bigger space per day as I usually have a lot to write. This one was under £10 from WHSmith. I got the pastel coloured pens from Pilot and will use them in the planner. (Planner) (Similar to the pens I have however I couldn’t find the exact ones sorry)


Pukka Pads are my favourtie because they’re cheap, good quality and pretty. I got a huge blue polka dot refil pad and two of the jottas. (Again I couldn’t find the original ones I got but bought mine in store from TESCOs)


Next I got some art supplies in Hobbycraft. Daler Rowney are my favourite brand of sketchbook becuase of the quality and versatility of the paper. I also got one of the putty erasers which are a lifesaver for removing stubborn pencil marks. (sketchbook) (putty eraser)


IKEA isn’t a place I would typically go for stationery, however I was in there looking for an office chair when this caught my eye, it came in a pack of three but I gave the other two away. I really like the contemporary design and small size making it perfect for jotting down blog post ideas. (Similar style, I’m not having much luck with my links today, am I?)

Lastly, my pencil case and it’s contents. I went for this clear pencil case from WHSmith as I thought it would be useful to be able to see what’s inside it. I always have a fully stocked pencil case with all the supplies I need so I don’t have to borrow off anyone. This usually results in me being the classes stationery supply.  :/ (pencil case) (black pens) (pencils) (highlighters)

Scissors from TESCOs-no link avaliable

Ruler WHSmith (glue) (tippex) (eraser) (coloured pens)

That was a lot of stationery, congratulations if you’ve made it this far! If you are one of the lucky people going back to school then I hope this has shown you that it’s not all bad..

Emily XO



Summer Lip Products | My Top 5


So Summer is in full swing now giving me the excuse to experiment with new lip colours. During Summer I am all about the lips because I don’t usually wear as much base makeup in the heat so by adding a bright coral or punchy purple it draws the attention away from my face. Some of these are my forever favourites and others I’ve just recently purchased, and am already in love with. There’s a mix of high-end and drugstore as well, so something for everyone!


First up is MACs Flamingo. This lipstick is perfect for an everyday lip. Its lustre finish provides a subtle hint of colour and it very versatile with different eye looks.


Next we have a lipstick I discovered almost 2 years ago, it was probably due to be thrown out a while ago…  This is Topshop’s Macaroon. I quickly came to love Topshop lipsticks because the formula is almost identical to MAC at around half the price! I feel like this shade is the stronger version of Flamingo and it looks amazing with a tan- the fake kind if you’re as naturally pale as me, or you live in Scotland and rarely see the sun- also me. 😦


Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish in 56 Boho Nude- this shade is what I have been wearing for basically the whole of Summer, it’s maybe not your typical shade for the season however this year the bronzy, golden-brown look has been coveted by almost everyone and I find this lipstick complements a bronzed face perfectly. It also makes blue eyes pop!


Again, coming at you with another of Kate’s lippys (lasting finish no.35), can you tell I love ’em? This is one of my faves. In my opinion the most fun colour, it’s a little out of my comfort zone, however it just makes me so happy, is that weird? This colour can be quite hard to wear because I often find it conflicts with my eyeshadow, however I have found that pairing this with a cool grey smokey eye usually works!


Lastly the most daring of them all. NYX soft matte lip creme in 22 Morocco. I’m in love with this formula, the colour and the bargain price of £5.50! This is the nicest smelling lip product I’ve ever owned as well. It’s so sickly sweet, perfect if you like that kind of scent- which I do. I picked this up yesterday upon one of my many visits to the NYX counter- a new arrival to Boot’s in the UK! I originally picked a mauvy-pink shade of this formula, but forced myself to swap it up for something new and exciting. I have a thousand beigy, mauvey pinks. Also 22 is my lucky number so that kind of sold me… Out of all my top 5, this is the one I would recommend the most. Just go and see the NYX counter, they have endless shades and formulas for everyone and I just can’t believe the price for the quality that you get, this is the cheapest lip product in this whole post as well!

So that concludes this post, hopefully you will check out some of my favourites- they deserve to be discovered as they are all truly amazing! Until next time,

Emily XO

An Introduction

I should start by saying that I’m not very good at intros. To make this a better experience for myself and you readers, I decided to do a Q&A type thing to break the ice.

  1. Why did you decide to start a blog? I’ve always had a passion for beauty, fashion, travel and photography that I want to share with the world. I tried out YouTube but found that it just wasn’t for me. I’d always considered a blog but being the IT fail that  I am (hence the v basic blog design) I knew it probably  wasn’t a good idea. However, after a few late nights and endless online blog-startup tutorials, here I am!
  2. What kind of posts can people expect to find here? I’d like to look at this blog as my own little corner of the internet where I will post about things that interest me in the hope to inspire you guys. Don’t expect any fancy words or perfect punctuation, I want to keep it at an informal and chatty tone, like I’m having a conversation with you- I’ll leave the A* essays for school.
  3. What do you do outside of the blog? Currently I’m still in school, approaching one of my toughest years yet, academic wise. That doesn’t mean that this blog will be taking a backseat, but rather that I will keep the posting to a few times a month. You should know that I’m beyond a  perfectionist and also a strong believer in quality>quantity so I vow to never post anything below standards, even if it means that posts are less frequent.
  4. Why ‘astylevoyage’? Being an indecisive person with overflowing creativity, choosing the blog name was both easy and hard-  I had tons of inspiration but didn’t know what to go with. It took several days and many notebook pages to think of a suitable name for this blog, in the end I went for ‘astylevoyage’ because I want this blog to journey and grow with me, I’m still just a teenager after all.
  5. What can people expect in the upcoming months? Currently I am on my Summer holidays, making it the perfect time to dedicate myself to this blog. As we slowly transition into Autumn you can expect lots of fashion and beauty posts. While I don’t have any upcoming holidays abroad, there will be the odd road trip and days out which I will be sure to document.

So that concludes the questions, hopefully I have provided you with an insight to my blog and I hope you continue on this ‘voyage’ with me 😉 ,

Emily XO